Tulipa ‘Doll's Minuet’

A solitary but striking tulip presenting an elegant magenta red bloom, with a hint of green.  Tulipa ‘Doll’s Minuet’ belongs to the Viridiflora group of tulips.  In latin viridis means green and flos means flower, so therefore green flower.  Similar to a lily in appearance, each flower within this group has green markings.  They are a popular variety for the garden, not only because of the rather striking elegant appearance, but also their exceptionally long flowering capability.

The origin of tulips lie in Turkey.  The first documentation of tulips in Europe was in Antwerp, in 1562, with the first specimens being planted by the botanist Carolus Clusius in the Hortus Botanicus, Leiden.  Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world, dating back to 1590.